Friday, September 5, 2014

Apples in Baskets Signal Fall is Here

Harvest Basket of Apples - Line Art by Lee Hansen
When I see the first baskets of freshly harvested apples at the farm stand I know it's really fall. The weather may be feeling like July, but those apples brimming over the top of the basket, box or bag tell me that it's time to think about making apple crisp and getting the winter clothes out of storage. 
This basket of apples line art is a simple coloring page that would appeal to children or seniors looking for art therapy. It's also suitable to use as a template for fabric arts such as embroidery or fabric painting. 

Download the printable apple basket PDF image from It's in the fall coloring pages collection.  Any personal use is permitted - no redistribution or selling allowed with the freebies on my web site.

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